Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome to Eros On The Vine - 4 Female Poets Sharing Two Great Loves: Wine & Poetry

We love poetry.
We heart erotic poetry.
We absolutely adore wine.

And we figured someone ought to be doing something with all of this juicy deliciousness. Someone(s) should be sharing the love - one perfect poem and glass of wine at a time.

We intend to do exactly that.

Learn more about who "we" are and stay tuned for upcoming events and much, much more...

The Women of Eros on the Vine:

Pamela Crow
Pam Crow lives in Portland, Oregon, where she works as a clinical social worker and helps to raise two children. She is member of the Black Boughs poetry group and the recipient of the 1996 National Astraea Award for Emerging Lesbian Writers. Pam Crow’s poems have been anthologized in The Bedford Introduction to Literature, Of Frogs and Toads, and A Walk Through My Garden, and have appeared in numerous national journals. Her first book, Inside This House, was published in September 2007.

Windows open, late summer

She tastes the grapes for sweetness

purple scent silking into her nose

down her throat she climbs back

into bed, her stained fingers

combing her lover’s hair hands full

fists closing to pull that mouth nearer

like early morning grapes

pulled loose from their clusters

crushed sweet against her tongue
-Pam Crow

Heather Strang
Heather Strang is the author of Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems. She also writes for a host of publications and books, including 20-Something Manifesto, The Oregonian, Four and Twenty, Goodness Magazine, Portland Monthly, Total E-Bound Publishing and many others. She believes ferociously in the power of poetry. When she's not writing, you'll find her meditating on the Oregon Coast, creating new recipes and exploring the possibilities of the universe. Learn more at: www.HeatherStrang.com.

it is, as it has always been

tanned, toned legs
propped ever so slightly
glass of Argentinean malbec
swirling, dancing really
inside open, waiting mouths.
your taste
your touch
so intoxicating
i can not tell
is it the grapes or is it you
is it you, my dear?
i hope, pray that it is you.
-Heather Strang

Sophie T

Sophie Tree is a Portland writer and mother of three growing gals and the most mellow golden retriever ever. This summer, she published a debut chapbook of poetry,19 Pulses, and is finishing her second. A native Hoosier and former New Yorker, Sophie moved to the Pac Northwest for its saner, greener, more considerate community, better balanced lifestyle - and food and wine (of course!) nurtured by Oregon's rich and enriching valleys. Prior to poetry, Sophie has worked as a high energy physicist, corporate attorney, glam ice sculptress, and nonprofit director. Nowadays, she styles herself as a strategic consultant - which is pretty much what she does when not writing, mothering, and walking the dog.

Toni Partington
Toni Partington lives and works as a poet, editor, artist, and life/career coach in Vancouver, Washington. Her poetry has been published in the Women’s Journal, Selected Poems of the River Poets’ Society, The Cascade Journal, VoiceCatcher (editions 3 and 4), OutwardLink.net and others. She is the author of a poetry chapbook, Jesus Is A Gas (2009) and her latest book of poetry Wind Wing (2010) - out Jan. 14th. She serves as an Associate Editor for VoiceCatcher, an annual Pacific Northwest anthology of women writers.
Toni holds a BA degree in Social Work, an MA in Humanities with a major focus in Literature and Literary Editing, and postgraduate work in career development at the University of Oregon. Before embarking on other adventures, Toni spent over ten years teaching and advising women in transition returning to college. Toni is involved in promoting poetry, writing and art in Vancouver, WA with a lively group of friends and peers.

High Notes

By Toni Partington

on a Miles Davis morning

after spirals of hawks

carry her above

the roof to set

her down on

his bed again

their confessions bittersweet

provide the frame

through a sliver

where one wall meets

the other

he glows in morning time

and routine

what will happen


impossible to predict

unimportant after high notes

on this Miles Davis

morning with